About us

History of Company:

Alam Ara Industrial Group (private limited company), consisting of shareholders of the Social Security Organization, Pension Fund for Civil Servants, started its activity in June 2006, in order to construct glass fiber factories and related industries, such as the construction of a GRP pipe production factory (Social Security Organization, subsidiaries of Social Security Investment Company, State Pension Fund, Marand Development Company, and other shareholders).

GRP Pipes:

Full name: glass fiber reinforced polyester pipe

 Due to the smooth surface, full resistance to chemical corrosion, high-pressure tolerance, UV impermeability, lightweight, easy installation, and also the possibility of fitting with inhomogeneous pipes are a superior option in selecting transmission pipelines of gravitational water networks, water, and sewage.

Advantages of GRP Pipes:

– Highly polished inner surface (which leads to fluid transfer with lower pumping cost and less sedimentation.)

– Low weight (about 10% concrete pipes, 30% steel pipes, and 25% cast iron pipes)

– Possibility of producing pipes up to 12 meters with different pressures (up to 32 bar) and different stiffness (up to 10,000 N/m2)

– Application of health and environmental standards for potable water

– Easy installation

– Resistance to corrosion due to thermal changes and radiation

– Resistance to freezing and thawing

– UV resistance

– High static load resistance

– High stability and chemical resistance

– Long life (about 50 years)

– Ability to withstand pressure up to 1.8 times other pipes under any pressure

– No need for external cover for external protection



all fittings, including, traps, conversion, tees, flanges in a discontinuous and hand layup manner, are made in accordance with AWWA, ISIRI, ISO, ASTM standards, and any other standard custom-tailored for customers.